Friday, August 7, 2015

Two Groups Solid for Iran Nuclear Deal: U.S. Jews and Iranian Citizens

While American public opinion appears to waver between support and opposition concerning the U.S.–Iranian nuclear deal, depending how the question is asked, two disparate groups, often appearing as enemies if one listens to respective spokespersons, in fact, strongly back the Iranian nuclear deal.

A recent survey conducted jointly by the University of Maryland and University of Tehran (May 12-28, 2015, N1009) shows 57 percent of Iranians support the agreement. The poll suggests the primary motivation for support is improvement in the economy and availability of scarce goods, such as medicine. Also, Iranians like Americans (52% favorable view) much more than the U.S. government (12% favorable view). They would like more cultural and tourist exchange.

American Jews
In a survey reported in the LA Jewish Journal (July 16-20, 2015, N501), a majority of American Jews (53%) believed Congress should “vote to approve the deal.” A larger majority (59%) believed the idea of conducting negotiations with Iran was a good one rather than a bad one (19%). The analysis points out that the majority of American Jews are Democrats and more liberal than the public at large.

The Hill: Mark Mellman: What’s the deal with Iran deal?

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