Friday, June 5, 2009

Bennet's Fast Start

In the year before the election, with no reliable polls to illuminate the landscape, fundraising becomes a proxy for political support. Senator Michael Bennet’s $1.4 million dollar 1st quarter 2009 take is impressive.

Governor Ritter, the embattled incumbent who appointed Bennet, will be lucky to raise a million dollars throughout all of 2009.

Not surprising, Bennet drew from well-off families, friends and business acquaintances. But, he also attracted big money from early investors in political fast starters, much of it out-of-state.

Colorado is Tops in Obama’s Travel Plans

President Obama and Vice President Biden are regular visitors to Colorado. Democratic presidential nominees rarely win Colorado. But in 2008, the state gave Obama and Biden a bigger margin than his national win – unprecedented.

Colorado was the central pivot for the Democratic western strategy and will be a battleground in 2010.

Tight voter registration and three top Democrats in tough election and re-election races ensures regular visits through the next 18 months.