Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Orange County Moving to the Center

In a new poll conducted for an Orange County Republican State House member, Phillip Chen, county voters, in spite of partisanship, show themselves to be much more middle-of-the-road on issues of public health. The county is nearly evenly divided between the two parties. In the 2020 election, Republicans retook two congressional seats they lost in the 2018 Democratic sweep. Yet today, majorities of voters support a vaccine passport for verification of vaccine status, having students vaccinated to attend school and a school mask mandate. Also, 82 percent said they were vaccinated, only 12 percent don’t plan to.

  • 56% support passport
  • 54 % support student vaccine requirements
  • 51% mask mandate at school

If one listened to many very vocal county and city leaders or the behavior at numerous raucous government meetings, one would assume that most people disapprove all restrictions. Orange County residents are far more in alignment with voters statewide than local leaders admit or recognize. A recent statewide poll of the nonpartisan PPIC showed 62 percent supported a “vaccine passport.”

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