Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pelosi Retires?

Nancy Pelosi
I have predicted Nancy Pelosi will retire from the House Democratic leadership for four election
cycles. I assumed she would not run for leader when Democrats lost a disastrous 63 seats in 2010 and she was removed as speaker. Wrong – she ran and won as minority leader.

She then led the House Democrats through three more elections, each time losing seats or winning far too few to put Democrats in control and her back in the speakership.

With 193 seats, Democrats are now back to their 2010 level, and at 239 seats, Republicans only lost six seats this year, they remain near historic high levels of seats (Republicans held 246 in 1946, 247 in 1928 and just had 247 in 2014).

Although she is clearly a great counter of votes in her caucus, she is a loser with the general electorate. But, she just doesn’t know when to quit and let a new generation take over.

Nancy, it’s time to retire.

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