Friday, November 4, 2016

It’s All Get-Out-the-Vote

The election narrative is locked in. Few new attacks, WikiLeaks, etc. will be covered by the mainstream media. Most people have factored those issues into their decision. The story now is tactics. Are the candidates and parties getting out their supporters?

The Democrats are putting their top team into the field to push their voter turnout. Bill Clinton, Bernie Sanders and John Hickenlooper are in action. Democrats have felt confident about Colorado, but recognize the race has tightened and GOTV is essential.
  • Bill Clinton – Friday, Pueblo, Denver and Fort Collins
  • John Hickenlooper – GOTV bus tour from Denver to Grand Junction starts Thursday and ends Monday in the metro area
  • Bernie Sanders – Saturday, Colorado Springs
  • Chelsea Clinton – Thursday, Boulder, other stops
Republicans aren’t lacking in effort. Mike Pence made his fifth visit to the Larimer-Weld area on Thursday.

See KDVR article: Mike Pence, Chelsea Clinton hold rallies in Colorado

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