Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Near Majority of Trump Voters Claim if Clinton Wins Election, “Not Legitimate”

Thirty percent of all Colorado voters question the legitimacy of the presidential election. A finding in the DU/Crossley Center poll conducted October 29 to October 31. Nearly half (47%) of Donald Trump voters would question the legitimacy of a Hillary Clinton win.

Only 13 percent of Clinton voters would question a Trump win. As reported by Peter Roper in the Pueblo Chieftain (11-4-16):
Nearly half of Colorado supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump would consider a victory by Hillary Clinton on Tuesday to be an “illegitimate” election, according to a telephone survey of 550 voters by Ciruli Associates, the well-known Denver polling firm.
“That pretty much mirrors what Trump supporters are saying nationally,” said Floyd Ciruli, the Pueblo native who established himself as a Colorado pollster decades ago. “What Trump supporters mean by that is less certain. Of course, they are simply echoing what Trump has been saying in his speeches for a long time.”
The telephonic survey was conducted over Halloween weekend for the University of Denver’s Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research.
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Dave Barnes said...

Don't worry.
Those Drumpf™ voters will change their minds after an extended stay in a FEMA reëducation camp.
Hillary's UN Agenda 21 troops will be coming for them soon.