Monday, October 4, 2021

Bloomberg News Sees Latinos as Winners in Colorado’s New Congressional Map

Bloomberg Government reporter Tripp Baltz, who frequently covers Colorado politics (Tina Peters and QAnon Support Belief Election Stolen), posted in Bloomberg online government section his analyses of the final congressional map “approved by the Colorado Independent Commission that also would increase the voice of Latino voters.”

I pointed out that the impact the map had on Colorado’s seven incumbent congresspersons:

“This was a good map for incumbents—no one looks like they’re in trouble,” said Floyd Ciruli, political science professor at the University of Denver. “It’s a lot better map for the Republicans than they thought they were going to get.”

Lauren Boebert

Freshman Lauren Boebert (R) is among the incumbents given friendly territory.

“She still has a five-point advantage,” Ciruli said. “In 2020, she lost Pueblo just slightly to a Democrat, and Pueblo isn’t the sure thing for Democrats it used to be.” [Her advantage is plus 9 points]


Ed Perlmutter
Eight-term Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D) ended up with a revised 7th District with more rural areas than in his current district, though the constituency would still have a Democratic lean.

“Assume it’s not a good Democratic year, he’s a senior congressman facing an incredible amount of driving and travel,” the professor said. “He’s done well where he is known, but those people to the south and west will not be familiar to him.”

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