Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Democrats Losing Men, But Non-College Men a Disaster

New admission data shows men are less likely to attend or graduate from college than women (40% to 60%). Men are also less likely than women to support Democrats, and not just white men, which has been well-noted, but also non-white men in comparable percentages (both groups are 4 points less supportive than women). In addition, if the men don’t have a college education, their support is much lower.

The following September 2021 national poll shows approval of President Biden by men: white and non-white, college graduate (4-year) and non-college graduate. Biden’s overall approval rating was 48 percent, and 69 percent among non-white college graduates, but only 49 percent for non-college graduates. As the table shows, there is a 20-point drop-off in support by white and non-college graduates. The declines represent massive slumps in support. For example, among white college vs. non-college white men, the 20-point drop-off represents a 40 percent decline in support among white men and nearly a 30 percent (29%) decline among non-white men. 

Young men missing college is not only a problem among minority groups – long and well-documented, if not much improved – it’s also a problem for the Anglo community. And, it is a political crisis (20-point drop-off) beyond the loss in human potential for Democrats.

See: PollsAndVotes

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