Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Education a Major Factor in Women’s Approval of Biden

Since the 2016 presidential election, the powerful effect of education on voting behavior has been a major research topic for public opinion practitioners and political scientists. In a Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research analysis from a recent Marquette University Law national poll, men – both white and non-white – were shown to have a 20-point drop-off in their approval for President Joe Biden depending on their level of college attainment.

A comparison with women shows, while they are 4 percentage points more approving of Biden than men, education is a powerful predicator of their level of approval. For example, among white women, there is a 19 percent fall off depending on the level of education, but among non-white, the decline in support is about half that amount – 11 percentage points. Non-white women are the strongest and most dependable Biden supporters regardless of level of education.

As previous analyses showed, the most significant difference in approval compared to men is among non-white respondents. Although approval among non-white females drops 11 points from 73 percent to 62 percent, it is about half the drop among men (69% drop to 49%, or 20 points). The following table compares male and female approval of Biden from the poll.

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