Friday, September 2, 2016

Where is Clinton? Campaign on Defensive as it Enters Labor Day Weekend.

A ground game does not make up for a lack of coherent strategy and message at the top. Hillary Clinton approaches Labor Day dropping in the polls and being beaten in the news cycle by Donald Trump.

Her lack of a response on the Clinton Foundation is increasing her negative ratings to record and Trump levels among disapproving supporters and wary independents. The endless email stories appear uncontrollable, but the failure to engage the press is unleashing a barrage of negative editorials and news leads that she is hiding.

As polls tighten, battleground states will be affected, including Colorado where she has enjoyed a double-digit lead due to her convention bounce and Trump’s two weeks in early August of stumbling around.

Trump is addressing his main weakness – appearing presidential. Restraining the off-beat outbursts helps as did the trip to Mexico. His targets are Republican and independent moderates who want some change and have problems with Clinton. But after the primaries and convention, they came to the conclusion that Trump did not have the temperament, knowledge or judgement to be president.

Significant numbers of voters are weighing what they consider their “regrettable choice.” Trump is desperately trying to shift the weights.

Clinton’s polling average has varied. A recent low was 3 points (mid-July), shortly after FBI Director Comey’s testimony on Clinton’s e-mail case, to a high in early August of 8 points. Today, the average has narrowed to a 5-point lead in RealClearPolitics and 7 points in Huffington Post.

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