Friday, September 30, 2016

Colorado Republicans Feeling Better

In spite of Donald Trump’s mediocre debate performance and obsessive defensiveness about it, Colorado Republicans are feeling as good as they have about the election since June and Trump becoming the presumptive presidential nominee.

A rising tide lifts all ships and a one or two point presidential race greatly helps Republicans hold Mike Coffman’s district and their one-seat majority in the Colorado Senate.

Even the U.S. Senate race with the poorly positioned Darryl Glenn will likely tighten due to senate candidates being subject to the vagaries of the presidential race. If the Colorado presidential race stays close, a senate candidate more in tune with the party’s center would have been very competitive in Colorado.

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Dave Barnes said...

So, Floyd, on September 30th you are ignoring these polls?
SEP. 14-18, Franklin & Marshall College, Clinton +7
SEP. 21-26, Google Consumer Survey, Clinton +5
SEP. 27-28, Public Policy Polling, Clinton +6