Friday, July 1, 2016

Western Conservative Summit Test for Trump

The 4,000 strong Western Conservative Summit is a test for Donald Trump’s ability to appeal to conservative activists and rank and file before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland starting on July 18.
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin

Valerie Richardson in the Washington Times (6-30-16) writes:
“This is clearly a test case for Trump, a sort of warm-up for Cleveland,” said Denver-based political analyst Floyd Ciruli. “If he can’t walk out of the Western Conservative Summit, in my view, with a good welcome and a reasonable degree of unity, then I think it bodes very, very poorly for about three weeks from now.”
She points out:
  • Trump backers, Sarah Palin and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, will be joined by Trump opponents, Senator Ben Sasse and blogger Erick Erickson.
  • Colorado was an overwhelming Ted Cruz state with no delegates for Trump in a caucus process, which he criticized unmercifully.
  • But, if there is a unifying theme, it’s dislike for Hillary Clinton. A recent poll claims Colorado is in play with her ahead by only one point.

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