Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Clinton’s National Polling Lead Tightens as Republicans Pick Their Nominee

Hillary Clinton’s polling lead that had begun after her California victory has narrowed in several polls under the weight of the e-mail scandal and a good pre-Republican Convention week for Donald Trump. Polls tightened post FBI Director Comey’s criticism of Clinton’s e-mail practices as “extremely caress” and Trump’s weeklong road trips and interviews with perspective VP candidates that generated a steady stream of mostly positive stories.

Other actions that may have affected pre-convention opinion was the Dallas police ambush of July 7 and activities of the Black Lives Matter movement. The period also contained Justice Ginsberg’s widely criticized outburst against Trump and her apology.

Polling averages show Clinton’s advantage ranges from up to 7 percentage points, to within the margin of error, to the New York Times reporting the race as tied.

The Huffington Post’s current average for Clinton is 2.8 percentage points and 2.7 for RealClearPolitics.

In spite of all of Clinton’s troubles and Trump’s good week, she continues to hold a modest advantage as Republicans pick their nominee.

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