Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Steve Bannon Theater: He Goes Full Sonny Corleone in a Homeless Outfit

Steve Bannon, always the performer, currently marketing right-wing revolution, showed up for the first of no doubt many cameo appearances in D.C. court using his best angry, threatening tone.

He had some well-scripted lines as he vowed to topple the Biden “regime” and threatened the attorney general with making the charge against him a “misdemeanor from Hell” as he exclaimed loudly: “I’m never going to back down. They took on the wrong guy this time.”

He wore his unshaven, unkept outfit and yelled his defiance to the circus-like audience and the media scrum, some of whom are friends and all of whom have become enablers of his show.

Steve Bannon speaks to reporters after leaving federal court,
Washington, Nov. 15, 2021 | Alex Brandon/AP

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