Wednesday, November 17, 2021

As Xi Gets Another Five years, China’s Woes Mount

Xi Jinping was just defied using the Imperial Rome term as leader of China with the status of Mao and Deng. The irony is that in his decade-long push for power, capstoned by his ascension in the country’s updated history and a new five-year term, China’s woes have mounted to a point that if there was any alternative or independent authority, it would surely be heard. Many of China’s problems are a direct reflection of Xi’s strategy and actions.

Xi’s Decade of Problems

  • Still dealing with COVID-19 lockdowns, major public relations disaster
  • Economic growth stalls, inequity grows
  • Uyghurs in re-education camps
  • Hong Kong freedom suppressed
  • Taiwan regularly threatened with force
  • Faux Islands in South China Sea
  • Conflicts with India (border) and Japan (islands)
  • U.S. begins aggressive effort to counter, including trade, alliances and military capability
  • Free and open Indo-Pacific becomes a cause for most Pacific countries

Chinese President Xi Jinping at opening of Parliament
Photo: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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