Friday, November 5, 2021

Congratulations to Denver Water for Boulder County Settlement on Gross Reservoir Expansion

Boulder County commissioners accepted with considerable regret and bad humor the weakness of their legal position and that Denver Water’s offer of $10 million for mitigation was all they were going to get (Denver later added $2.5 million). It was unfortunate that all the time and funding for studies and lawyers was expended, but Boulder would not have approved the construction permit and were just using the process to stall. Denver Water has been working to get the project underway for more than a decade while the cost of construction increased and the shortage of water grew. Fortunately for the metro area’s critical water infrastructure, the federal planning process and the courts simply made it impossible to continue delay.

Denver Water, their board, management and lawyers showed considerable patience, resilience and strategic insight in arriving at a conclusion. Well done, and good news for the metro area.

Gross Reservoir

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