Friday, April 28, 2017

Hickenlooper and Chuck Todd

In an interview on NBC News, John Hickenlooper argued for the Democratic Party to become a
“large tent” and welcome its business and more conservative members. With a well-trimmed look and tight responses, Governor Hickenlooper took on Chuck Todd’s questions concerning meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on marijuana and sanctuary cities. Hickenlooper said:
  • Sessions is strongly anti-drug, including marijuana, but intervention in state marijuana policies does not appear a priority. Hickenlooper advocated for state-federal collaboration on drug policy.
  • There is a gray area in local enforcement of immigration, but Hickenlooper believes considerable conflict will continue. Both he and Sessions believe there should be a congressional fix.
  • The Democratic Party is in a useful period of re-imagination; he’s part of the discussion and it should welcome its business wing as part of a “large tent” party.
Watch full interview here

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