Thursday, November 7, 2013

School Board Battleground

Just as Tim Gill and gay rights activists figured out how to target their money to win a majority of the Colorado legislature in the last ten years, school reform advocates are targeting selected school board races for major campaign contributions.

In what was a sleepy backwater of campaign politics dominated by teachers unions and local school activists with a few thousand dollars in contributions, hundreds of thousands of dollars are now being spent. Most of it in a few high-profile metro area races in Denver and Douglas counties, but increasingly contributions from wealthy education reform advocates are being targeted in school districts around the state – and they won more than they lost, including Denver, Douglas and Jefferson counties. Although Amendment 66 was an ill-positioned disaster, reform and choice won Tuesday night.

School Board Races with Reform and Choice vs. Union Competition
Colorado Springs (District 11)
Denver County
Douglas County
Greeley-Evans School District
Jefferson County
Loveland (Thompson School District)
Mesa County (Valley School District 51)

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