Friday, November 22, 2013

Hickenlooper Still Vulnerable

After Governor Hickenlooper received favorable media coverage from his activism during the state’s response to the recent floods in the North Front Range, it was assumed his approval rating might recover from a steep decline measured last summer. But, he’s still below 50 percent, about 14 points below his approval rating taken by the same polling firm in fall 2012.

Any positive media coverage from the floods may have been countered by the crushing loss he suffered in the defeat of the billion-dollar tax increase, Amendment 66, this November.

If 2014 is a bad Democratic year based on President Obama’s sinking approval, Hickenlooper will be in an even more difficult position than he was in 2010. Although it was a bad Democratic year, Hickenlooper had a high favorability, few controversies and a totally fractured Republican Party.

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