Monday, November 25, 2013

Kopp May Be Strongest Opponent to Hickenlooper

The latest Quinnipiac poll confirms that John Hickenlooper has only a modest advantage against the Republican field in his re-election, and former State Senator Mike Kopp may be the strongest opponent.

Kopp had the narrowest point spread and holds Hickenlooper to 44 percent.
Kopp’s strength is that he only loses 5 percent of Republicans. Tancredo loses 11 percent of Republicans, and Gessler and Brophy lose 7 percent each.
Kopp was the newest addition to the field and has low name identification. In his announcement and early debates, he avoided attacking, and although he’s as conservative as his fellow Republicans, he left a bit of room to maneuver.
The key to the race is for a Republican to motivate his base, but not alienate moderate Republicans and unaffiliated voters.

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