Monday, November 25, 2013

Fracking Loses Cities, Wins the State

Fracking may have been banned by voters in five North Front Range Colorado cities (mostly moratoriums, one vote in a recount), but when voters statewide were asked if they support or oppose it, 51 percent said support and 34 percent oppose in a new poll by Quinnipiac University (1,206 voters, Nov. 2013).

Republicans overwhelming support it; Democrats oppose, but only two-to-one; and independents are near the statewide percentage.
This poll offers good news for Governor Hickenlooper. His is anxious to reach a compromise on fracking rules and regulations to remove it as an issue next year. Its lack of support will help him by encouraging environmentalists to compromise since they lack a statewide majority.
As reported in 9 News: 
Ciruli thinks the governor genuinely thinks more regulation is the best policy, but there are politics behind this announcement that can't be ignored.
Oil and gas has been making a splash as a political issue in the state, with voters passing four local-level ballot questions aimed at banning or delaying approval of new drilling operations.
The governor doesn't want this to be a statewide issue when he's up for re-election next year.
“Nothing would be more difficult for him to be a fracking advocate at the same time that many citizens and certainly the environmental movement were actively backing a ban,” Ciruli said.
9News: Politics meets policy in Hickenlooper’s air pollution proposal

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