Thursday, June 16, 2022

Hageman Not Happy to Hear Aaron Million Is Back

Aaron Million, the Fort Collins water promoter known for a failed water scheme in the early to mid-2000s, is back with a new investor, but the same promotion of bringing water from Wyoming’s Flaming Gorge Reservoir 550 miles across the state and down to the Denver area. Few in the water community give it any credibility.

Harriet Hageman, water lobbyist and attorney in Wyoming, now the leading Trump-endorsed candidate against Liz Cheney, can’t be pleased to see Million back in the news. She was the prime lobbyist for a competing, if slightly more realistic project promoted by Parker Water & Sanitation District at the same time. Both efforts were challenged by a lack of high level political and financial support.

Hageman is unlikely to be highlighting her lobbying skills in helping the Denver metro area pull water across Wyoming to provide it to Colorado residents.

Aaron Million and Harriet Hageman

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