Monday, December 2, 2013

Udall Re-election Complicated by Washington D.C.

Mark Udall has not been on the list of threatened U.S. Senate seats (see blog: When Do Democrats Panic? Nov. 19, 2013). But, the latest Quinnipiac poll shows his re-election numbers are weak and have significantly declined the last five months, corresponding to voters’ growing frustration with D.C. in general and now specifically with President Obama and his poor management of the Affordable Care Act rollout.

Voter approval has remained in the mid-40 percent range since June, but disapproval of Udall has risen 13 points as many voters shifted from “don’t know” to “don’t approve.”  Also, more voters now claim to oppose his re-election than support it (41% re-elect, 47% don’t).

President Obama’s approval in the state has collapsed to even below his weak national numbers. Barely a third of Colorado voters approve his job performance. Obamacare has also suffered and is now opposed by a majority of Coloradans (56% oppose it and only 40% support it).

The Republican doing the best against Udall is Ken Buck, Weld County D.A. and 2010 failed senate candidate against Michael Bennet. Even with considerable baggage, Buck is benefitting from the Obama and Washington fallout and is only 3 points behind Udall (45% Udall vs. 42% Buck).

Republicans need to win six seats to take control of the Senate. Although the election is nearly a year away, as of now, even Udall is on the threatened list.

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