Friday, December 20, 2013

Denver Post – Giron Mulls Statewide Race

Denver Post reporter, Lynn Bartels, blogged that recently recalled State Senator Angela Giron is testing the waters for Colorado Secretary of State. One problem Giron faces is that Democrats already have an announced candidate. Although the candidate is largely unknown, CU Regent Joe Neguse has an impressive resume and the support of most the Democratic Party establishment, including Hispanic elected officials.

But, Giron’s more fundamental problem was that her recall was in the heartland of the Democratic Party in a strongly Hispanic district. The Pueblo district recall reflected not just a gun rights vote, but a broader judgment of her political style and voting record.

The likelihood a candidate recalled in a safe Democratic district will have the credibility to rally Democrats and appeal to independents seems farfetched.

Her explanation that her defeat was an artifact of an in-person vs. mail-back ballot is also not credible.

As quoted in Bartels' article:
Political consultant Floyd Ciruli disagrees.
The way the election was conducted, he said Wednesday, “might have cost her a point or two, but it didn’t defeat her.”
“She carried none of the constituencies Democrats are supposed to be ascendant with. She lost women, Hispanics, the young, independents and a third of Democrats,” he wrote in a blog in September, pointing to an unpublished poll that had correctly predicted a 12-point loss in the heavily Democratic Senate district.
The manner of election might have made a difference in the Morse recall, Ciruli said. That vote was 50.8 percent for the recall, 49.1 percent opposed, or a difference of 319 votes.

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