Thursday, December 12, 2013

Republicans are in a Weak Third Place in Denver Metro Area

The Republican Party is in third place in the Denver metro area, 9 points behind Democrats and 3 points behind unaffiliated voters. The metro area represents 57 percent of the state’s voters, and the registered voter tilt gives Democrats a significant regional advantage. Although Republicans maintain a statewide voter registration lead over Democrats by 28,000 voters, they are behind a surging bloc of unaffiliated voters.

Arapahoe County, the old anchor of metro Republican strength, may be the most surprising, with Republicans now in third place (31%) behind unaffiliated (34%) and Democrats (33%).

Republicans lead in only one county, Douglas (46%), and in addition to Arapahoe, they are in third place in Adams, Boulder and Denver.  In Jefferson County, their other historic stronghold, they are in second place with 32 percent of registered voters behind unaffiliated (35%).

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Dave Barnes said...

The GOP: Party of Hate® (of which I am registered member) deserves to die a horrible death in the depths of the Sun.