Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Porter Drops to Third, Republican Garvey in Second

Steve GarveyPhoto: Steve Garvey

Two new end-of-year polls shook up the California U.S. Senate race putting Republican baseball legend Steve Garvey in second place before even starting a campaign and dropping liberal congressperson Katie Porter to third from a year-long first or second place. Adam Schiff is now in an increasing securing first place, two to one ahead of Porter and Lee, the far-left Berkeley congressperson.

CA Senate Race

Although Garvey has not started a campaign, his celebrity status and voter registration (Republicans are about 24% of electorate – PPIC) gives him room to grow into a solid second place. To the extent he has spoken, it has been common Republican talking points, the border, inflation, crime, taxes, etc. California Republicans are hungry for an alternative to the Democratic monopoly.

Porter must make a scene the next 60 days to try to get back in the game. She is furiously soliciting funds online and tried a weak break to the left on the ceasefire issue dividing Democrats. But her “bilateral ceasefire” proposal was so weighted down with unrealistic conditions (Hamas returns all hostages, gives up “operational” control of Gaza, etc.) that, as Lee said, it is just “politically expedient.”

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