Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Colorado Surprise: Congressional Battleground

Colorado Congressional Districts, 118th CongressTwotwofourtysix, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

With no statewide race, a strong blue tint to the presidential race, and other than the endless Boebert drama, it appeared a slow year for Colorado political news. Then the State Supreme Court removed Donald Trump from the ballot (14th Amendment ban on insurrectionists) and the entire (3) Republican delegation retired or switched districts. Add the new Democrat congressperson in the 8th district likely to have a competitive race and Colorado is now a hotbed of politics from border to border.

Colorado Congressional Race to Watch

As of now, half of Colorado’s congressional delegation is either in competitive primaries or could have a competitive general election. The Republicans should hold their three open seats (see table below) but the chaotic primaries and a dysfunctional party will likely make for considerable political drama.

Colorado Congressional Districts – 2024 Party Identity and Vote Margin

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