Monday, January 8, 2024

Boebert on the Run

Lauren BoebertLauren Boebert | Photo: Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Lauren Boebert was going to lose. Her primary opponent (Hurd) was getting widespread support in money and local endorsements, many from her former supporters. Boebert’s Democratic opponent was beating her in polls and out-fundraising her by 3 to 1. (He now has a problem without her but money and Republican chaos may help.)

The national party needs that seat (Speaker Mike Johnson already endorsed her). Did they help her shift to the Ken Buck district – which will be near impossible for her to lose in the general? Recall Buck got the seat after he was encouraged to get out of the 2014 Cory Gardner senate race. But could she lose the primary? Few Colorado Republicans have welcomed the move and the media has been relentlessly bad. The Republican Party would be better positioned statewide if she was gone but in a multi-candidate congressional primary, and with more than $1 million in her campaign account, Boebert has the advantage.

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Dave Barnes said...

Personally, I think Bettlejuice and carpet bagging are going to hurt her bigly.