Thursday, January 11, 2024

Media Panel on “Unprecedented” 2024

Members of the Colorado House of RepresentativesMembers of the Colorado House of Representatives | Photo by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post

The year begins with a Congressional district swirl, the legislature is already tense, much of it intra party, and a presidential race is encouraging a third party – 2024 is “unprecedented.”

A media panel on Colorado politics will close out the Colorado Water Congress 2024 Convention. Pollster Floyd Ciruli will moderate the panel of Colorado’s top political reporters to sort out the fast-start and describe the approaching discord as best possible. He will be joined by:

  • John Aguilar – Denver Post (invited)
  • Marianne Goodland – Colorado Politico
  • John Frank – Axios

The Colorado Water Congress annually hosts the state’s largest water conference which attracts water, environmental and policy professionals from around the state. The Governor, Attorney General, and other senior political leaders regularly attend.

See the Colorado Water Congress website for more information:



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