Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Colorado Politics in an Unprecedented Year

CO Water Congress

Colorado’s top political reporters will preview the state’s biggest races, the top legislative issues, and Colorado’s political personalities: Governor Polis, Mayor Johnston, and Lauren Boebert on Feb. 2 at the Colorado Water Congress Conference.

Pollster Floyd Ciruli will moderate the panel and lead the discussion through the national landscape, Colorado’s now myriad of Congressional open seats and primaries, and a legislative session that promises to deal with the high profile issues.

  • How will the Congressional delegation change? Who has the advantage, disadvantage? (3rd, 4th, 5th and 8th CDs in spotlight)
  • On March 5, Super Tuesday, will Colorado pick between Biden and Trump? If they are the presidential nominees in 2024, is a third party the winner? Does the presidential contest help or hurt local races?
  • After the loss of Prop. HH, what’s next for legislation/initiative on taxes?
  • Can Colorado Democrats unify their moderates and the far left to pass legislation on affordable housing, crime? Can the Republicans rebuild a legislative party?
  • How would you grade Governor Polis’s year? Will it get better or worse?
  • Whither the urban-rural divide: wolves, agriculture?

Political reporters:

  • John Frank – Axios
  • Marianne Goodland – Colorado Politics
  • Ernest Luning – Colorado Politics

The Colorado Water Congress Conference (January 31 to February 2) is hosting the panel. See the Colorado Water Congress website for more information: https://www.cowatercongress.org/

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