Monday, July 23, 2018

Trump in Colorado – Post-Helsinki – KOA Interview

The latest Morning Consult state-by-state poll (online) shows President Trump 13 points into negative territory in Colorado. During a KOA interview with Marty Lenz and April Zesbaugh, we discussed how Colorado stands out in the Mountain and High Plains as Trump’s worst state. Trump is a plus 2 points in Arizona, 3 points in Montana and 8 points in Kansas.

Marty inquired if Trump had improved anywhere since his inauguration. The poll points out he’s declined in every state. His national approval vs. disapproval is now a negative 10 points.

Trump’s 42 percent approval and 55 percent disapproval will be a major disability for Republicans in Colorado at the midterm elections.

April asked why Colorado seems to be so different. I pointed out that much of our recent growth has been young people. Democrats now have a registration advantage of 20,000. Notice that the state’s top Republican politicians are putting some distance between themselves and Trump, especially on trade and Russia.

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