Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Trump Finally Spends in Colorado

Colorado is one of nine states to share in Donald Trump’s latest television ad buy in spite of the fact it remains one of the least likely for Trump to win. Both Politico and RealClearPolitics place Colorado 11 points out for Trump. The only other state he’s spending money in that may be more difficult for him to win at this point is Virginia, which is 11 points out in Politico’s battleground list and 13 points in RealClearPolitics.

In a KOA Radio interview with Mike Rice, the following was mentioned:
  • Trump finally has a professional campaign team spending money in targeted states. He was surviving on and losing with just tweets and travel.
  • To get to 270 electoral votes, he must win some small states, like Nevada, Colorado and Iowa, to accompany bigger must-wins in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.
  • Colorado now leans Democratic, but it still has an independent reputation. For example, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, has 16 percent in a recent poll, and Trump would like a piece of that.
  • His recent outreach to minorities is an effort to communicate to moderate suburban women – a key voting bloc in Colorado – that he’s not an extremist. He’d also like to undermine Hillary Clinton’s solid bloc of minority voters.
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Dave Barnes said...

"On what might have been one of the most important days of his presidential campaign, Trump appeared to be recommitting his electoral fate in November to the white conservative base voters who swept him to victory in the GOP primary rather than seeking to broaden his base to a wider coalition of Americans." -- CNN
A lot of good spending ad money will do him in Colorado.