Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Coffman Makes the News

Mike Coffman made national news with Politico coverage of his campaign ad to put some distance between himself and Donald Trump.

It was a smart move. He is in one of the most vulnerable congressional districts in the country during a year where his party nominee is struggling and approval of the president of the party of his opponent is at a second-term high (51% in RealClearPolitics, several recent polls have it at 52% and 53%).

As I commented to Joey Bunch:
Given the recent controversies Trump has stirred, Denver pollster Floyd Ciruli said he was not surprised by the ad.
“If you’re a vulnerable incumbent in a swing district, you’re definitely going to do as much as you can to put some distance between your campaign and Trump,” Ciruli said. (Denver Post, 8-4-16)
Mike Coffman and Donald Trump
His opponent, Morgan Carroll, like most Democratic candidates, including Hillary Clinton, is essentially running an anti-Trump campaign. Hence, she and the Democrats were not happy with Coffman’s efforts and are pushing back with commentary and video.

Coffman’s ad was national news because he was a prime example of Republicans bailing out on Trump, which has been the national meme since Trump took on the Khan family and disparaged Paul Ryan and John McCain.

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