Monday, March 14, 2016

Ohio and Labor: Your World With Neil Cavuto

Friday’s interview with Neil Cavuto asked if organized labor should be worried about losing members to Donald Trump. Ohio will likely be a swing state in the general election and it has become a battleground state in the Republican nomination race.

Labor leaders are part of the Democratic Party establishment, and their members, like many voters, are angry at the establishment. As blue collar workers, with many are under 40 years old, they are in the demographic Trump has been attracting. They make up a significant part of his core constituency. Many are infrequent voters, showing up for someone they like. And, they are often weak partisans or independents.

Trump won Michigan with 36 percent, so he has a base in the upper Midwest. Can he grow it in Ohio? Polls show the race is a dead heat on Monday before the election.

Photo: Fox News

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