Thursday, March 3, 2016

Bernie Wins in Caucus Chaos – Colorado Public Radio, Ben Markus

Super Tuesday, March 1, Boulder, CO
Photo: AP/Brennan Linsley
The 122,000 Democrats, a record, turned out for Colorado’s Super Tuesday caucus. Bernie Sanders had to win Colorado to maintain a minimum level of credibility that there was a path to the nomination, and he did it with a 19-point win over Hillary Clinton.

In general, it wasn’t a good night for Sanders, losing seven states, mostly by big margins, but he’s still in the race.

A major question for November is if Clinton is the nominee, her ability to motivate turnout among Democrats who caucused for Sanders or would have supported her but stayed home.

An interview with CPR’s Ben Markus:
Floyd Ciruli, a longtime Colorado political pollster, says Sanders' support from young adults washed out any edge Clinton may have had with Latinos. 
"He was able to motivate them to turn out, to do something even more difficult, and that’s go to a caucus and spend some time there," Ciruli said. "Will they be motivated should she be the nominee?"

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