Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Clinton Represents Half the Party, But Trump Still Below 40 Percent

On the eve of the next big primaries, Hillary Clinton receives a consistent 50 percent of the party’s support in polls and she has accumulated 52 percent of the delegates (772 pledged and 472 super delegates). If the polls are correct, today’s results could seriously challenge the Bernie Sanders theory of winning. In Clinton’s delegates, Super Delegates make up 20 percent of her total. She appears to be ahead in all the upcoming races, but with the closest races in the northern tier of Illinois, Ohio and Missouri.

Should Sanders win one or more of the northern states, a sliver of hope would continue for his anti-trade, anti-Wall Street rhetoric.

Donald Trump has not broken 50 percent of his party’s support in national polling, although his consistent 35 percent or more is enough to secure a series of winner-takes-all or winner takes most delegate contests in today’s races. Except for Ohio he appears to have a 10 point or more lead in each contest on March 15.

If John Kasich and Ted Cruz could secure a victory in Ohio, Illinois or Missouri, the anti-Trump forces would receive a boost and soldier on. Marco Rubio has all but disappeared due to weak polls in Florida.

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