Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bernie Sanders Must Win Colorado

Super Tuesday will not be a great night for Bernie Sanders given most of the events are in states 
Hillary Clinton has a demographic advantage in, especially from the percentage of Democrats of color. But Colorado has some advantages for him and is a must win.

Dan Frosch pointed out in The Wall Street Journal Monday that Sanders has attracted high crowds of young and liberal voters who he’s trying to organize into the March 1 caucuses. Barack Obama did it in 2008 and won the state two-to-one.
“This is definitely not only a winnable state, but I assume a necessary state if he is going to have any possibility of survival,” said Floyd Ciruli, a longtime independent pollster in Colorado.
Still, Mr. Ciruli said that Mr. Sander’s lagging momentum after losses in South Carolina and Nevada could hurt turnout for him here. And he noted that there did not seem to be the same enthusiasm among Colorado Democrats around Mr. Sanders that Barack Obama had engendered in 2008. That year, Mr. Obama trounced Mrs. Clinton by a roughly two to one margin in the state’s caucuses.

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