Friday, March 4, 2016

Chaotic Caucus Jump Starts Primary Initiatives – 9KUSA, Ryan Haarer

Republican Party leaders ignoring a very popular presidential contest and crowds of Democrats overwhelming many of Tuesday’s caucuses has led for calls to drop the system and shift back to a presidential primary.

In addition, some business groups want to add unaffiliated voters to the state primaries and any new national presidential primary.

9KUSA’s Ryan Haarer covered the twin efforts that are likely to find some early support and some pushback.

Parties prefer to control their nomination process. Colorado caucuses and primaries are mostly closed to non-party members. In addition, the caucus system leads to less participation than a primary and is much less expensive since any cost is borne by the parties and not the state.

But 2016 may be the year to put Colorado on the presidential primary map and open the system up to unaffiliated voters, which are the state’s largest bloc of voters, especially new voters.

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