Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Colorado Republicans Help Stop Trump – 9KUSA, Balance of Power

Colorado’s delegation of unpledged delegates may be a part of the block that keeps Donald Trump from 1,237 delegates and creates a contested convention. As of now, Trump needs 53 percent of the remaining 944 delegates.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
Colorado has 37 delegates of which 24 are unpledged prior to the April 8 congressional and April 9 state conventions.

Colorado could potentially add 25 unpledged delegates to the convention total, making Trump’s task more difficult.

The effort to stop Trump has been ongoing at state-level delegations, with battles to identify and recruit supports and party representatives as delegates to pledge to anyone but Trump or stay unpledged until the first vote.

Republican leaders have also started an effort to discredit Trump’s argument that if he’s close to 1,237 delegates, he must be given the nomination. They point out more Republicans have voted against Trump than for him, his unfavorability rating is sky-high, he loses in every credible poll to Hillary Clinton, and most importantly the rules are the rules.

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