Monday, January 9, 2023

Denver Gazette Warns Democrats

The Gazette

In a Denver Gazette editorial, the online and more conservative alternative to the Denver Post, quoted its in-depth news article on the influence of left wing forces in the new Democratic legislative majority. The article by reporter Hannah Metzger in a sister publication, Colorado Politics quoted a number of Democratic legislators and activists, advocating a host of new liberal policies and programs. However many suggested state budget constraints and political blow back will be a restraint.

I weighed in that the political environment recommended caution and, not surprisingly, the Gazette agreed with me.

"(Democrats) won a great victory here, but it was a surprise. While it’s a welcome surprise for them, I think they recognized that it wasn’t because the Democratic brand was completely adopted by everyone. Rather, there was a sense that the Republicans collapsed," Ciruli told Colorado Politics.

"There’s going to be a sense, particularly among the leadership, that they were pulled in by this wave and they could be pulled out by a new wave."

Even in a state as blue as Colorado now is, legislative Democrats – and the rest of the party’s political luminaries – would be wise to keep that wisdom top of mind - The Gazette editorial board. READ ARTICLE

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How can you mention the Anschutz Gazette without mentioning Phil?

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