Thursday, September 10, 2020

The U.S. and China in the 2020 Election – A New Cold War?

China is a topic in the U.S. presidential election. President Trump and the administration regularly speak of it in disparaging terms. Public sentiment and many members of the U.S. foreign policy establishment have turned against it decisively. Does the next U.S. administration inherit a new Cold War with all of its costs and dangers?

Professors Suisheng (Sam) Zhao and Floyd Ciruli will lead a conversation on China as a presidential election issue and the alternatives for China policy in the next administration.

Join the talk on September 30 at 3:00 pm MT

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Dave Barnes said...

Voters are not paying attention to China (nor Jina). 73% of voters and 100% of the current President could not find China on globe if you spotted them Russia and Vietnam.


After those two, eveything else is in the whatever bucket.