Friday, September 18, 2020

Majority of Asian Americans Voting for Biden

A majority (54%) of Asian Americans are voting for Joe Biden. Donald Trump is receiving 30 percent support. They are the fastest growing (39% since 2000) racial group (growing faster than Hispanic – 21%, Black – 33% and White – 7%) and have been a new bloc of voters for Democrats. Exit polls show they voted Republican before the 2000 election. They then shifted, narrowly to Al Gore, and have been increasingly in the Democratic camp. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton won the Asian American vote by more than two-to-one. Support for Biden this year ranges from a high of 65 percent among Asian Indians and 61 percent among Japanese to a low of 36 percent among Vietnamese Americans.
There are 11 million Asian Americans eligible to vote this year. The largest concentrations of Asian Americans are in California (3.5 million), Maryland (900,000) and Texas (700,000). They exhibited high turnout levels in the 2018 midterm elections, and could be important constituencies in battleground states of Arizona, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

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Dave Barnes said...

Are the Vietnamese channeling "peace with honor" Nixon?