Friday, June 5, 2020

China Gets Confrontational

Foreign policy, specifically China (PRC) and the Communist Party of China (CPC), is now a presidential campaign issue. Except for wars, foreign policy usually is a secondary set of issues in presidential elections, but President Trump, and in response, Democrats are clearly including the issue in their campaigns and, of course, as the daily headlines report, the PRC is taking actions making them a front page topic. China from Hong Kong, to Taiwan, to South China Sea, to East China Sea Islands, is confronting opponents in what they frame are sovereignty issues.

The Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research has been addressing the issue since President Xi Jinping became the dominant leader in China (2011). Most recently, a Zoom conversation was held with Korbel School Professor Suisheng (Sam) Zhao titled “China, the U.S. and Global Leadership in the Pandemic.’

The Crossley Center has posted a series of analyses on China and the evaluation of what is being increasingly labeled a “Cold War.”

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