Friday, June 12, 2020

Hickenlooper Embattled

After two debates, it’s clear John Hickenlooper wasn’t kidding when he said during his misbegotten presidential campaign that he’s a terrible debater. But, bad performance is not the major problem, rather he’s mispositioned for this Democratic electorate at this moment. His centrist views leave him defensive to a very aggressive Andrew Romanoff, who has adopted the full panoply of liberal Democratic views. This is an electorate that preferred Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren compared to Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg last March 3 in the Super Tuesday vote. And, with the pandemic, recession and George Floyd killing, Democrats are even more primed for a so-called “bold” leadership that Romanoff calls for.

Just to make his position even more untenable, the ethics violation and contempt citation, which he made as bad as possible with poor judgement and timing, are dominating most stories about the debates and the narrative into the election.

The Denver Post editorial on Hickenlooper’s ethics imbroglio is generous in that it labels the violations an infraction, but it correctly points out the dragging out of the process and refusing to testify was his decision. Meanwhile, the Aurora Sentinel endorsed Andrew Romanoff as having a clear vision to address the country’s major problems in health care and climate change. The implication is that if Cory Gardner’s failed performance and loyalty to Trump have already defeated him, why not go with the best (most liberal) candidate in their view?

Hickenlooper has had a lucky run since 2003. Last year was a bust; this year may be worse.

Democratic U.S. Senate candidates John Hickenlooper, left, and Andrew
Romanoff participate in a televised debate, June 11, 2020 | Via CBS4 Denver

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