Monday, June 29, 2020

New York Times Covers Hickenlooper’s Stumbles

Carl Hulse, veteran New York Times reporter, now living in Kemmling, Colorado, describes in detail John Hickenlooper’s trials and tribulations over the last month, but concludes he’ll probably win the primary due to his name identification and the party’s primary interest in beating incumbent Republican Cory Gardner. But, the race could be closer than expected and Hickenlooper has been damaged as the general election candidate.

However, when asked about November, I thought President Trump is an anchor that makes it very difficult for “Cory to beat that tide.”

They say that Mr. Gardner, who early on endorsed the president for re-election, has not done enough to separate himself from Mr. Trump, who was an anchor on the senator’s campaign even before the president’s most recent decline in popularity.

 “There is too much drag on him from the president and it is getting even worse,” said Floyd Ciruli, a longtime pollster and Colorado political analyst. “I just have a hard time seeing Cory being able to beat that tide.”

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