Friday, June 26, 2020

Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie Podcast Features Colorado Senate Race

Ken Rudin, longtime NPR political editor, still produces his famous “It’s All Political” segment, now a podcast, called “Ken Rudin’s Political Junkie,” broadcast on radio stations around the country. He just posted his weekly podcast with Hickenlooper versus Romanoff.

Episode #334: House Primaries Claim Yet Another N.Y. Democrat
June 25, 2020

We may not have final results of Tuesday’s primaries, but we have seen some definite trends develop during these months of contests. Nathan Gonzales of Inside Elections wonders if what happened with the GOP and tea party activists several years ago may be repeated, only this time with Democrats and their more restless, progressive base.

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has been seen for the longest time as having a very good shot at ousting a Republican senator this year, a result that needs to happen if the Democrats are going to capture the Senate in November. But, as Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli says, several self-inflicted mishaps by Hickenlooper now put his nomination in next week’s primary in question.

And we repeat an interview we had five years ago with Howard Dean, the former Vermont governor, and 2004 presidential candidate, who candidly explains what went wrong in his bid for the Democratic nomination. Hint: It wasn’t because of the scream.

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