Thursday, June 2, 2016

Libertarians Want to Attract Disenchanted Members of Both Parties – Valerie Richardson

Valerie Richardson in the May 26 Washington Times reports that in the lead up to their May 31 Libertarian convention in Orlando, Florida, optimism reigns. Libertarians are convinced or self-deluded that 2016 is their year to break out of the range of one million votes, less than 10 percent in the polls, and not bring on the stage for the presidential debates.

The base of both Democratic and Republican parties have dissatisfied members who may be interested in the Libertarian philosophy of limited foreign involvement, a free market economy and privacy in people’s personal lives.

Comment in the Washington Times:
“If you’re looking to walk away from Donald Trump, it [the Libertarian Party] looks like the place to go,” said political analyst Floyd Ciruli. “But there are Libertarian aspects within the Sanders forces also, whether it’s personal liberty and smoking marijuana to the desire for radical change, which is probably as much as anything what Sanders stands for.”
He added that “both parties have factions that are likely to be unsatisfied with the nominees and are looking for some place else to park. So this could be one of those extraordinary years.”

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Dave Barnes said...

I have voted for Libertarian candidates many times.
No this time.
Drumpf™ needs to fail dramatically.
The GOP: Party of Hate® needs to die.