Friday, June 17, 2016

First Wave of Polls Post California Victory and Judge Curiel Controversy Show Clinton Up by Six Points

For nearly a year, Donald Trump has defied public opinion gravity. His controversial statements during the Republican primary concerning Mexicans, John McCain, Megyn Kelly, Muslims and most of his opponents never hurt him and, on many occasions, helped. But, the Curiel rant on the judge’s ethnicity caused damage. He bizarrely took up the attack the very week Hillary Clinton was wrapping up the primary season with a multi-state win over Bernie Sanders, including a 13-point victory in California.

Of course, the campaign is just beginning, and as the Orlando mass shooting points out, things change quickly, but at least the first wave of post primary polling shows the expected effect – Clinton up and Trump down.

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Dave Barnes said...

Sorry, Floyd, you should know better.
National polls don't mean squat.
We use the awesome Electoral College to elect our POTUS and so only state polls have any meaning.