Thursday, June 23, 2016

Disarray in Trump’s Camp

Donald Trump loves to quote headlines and polls. Both have gone negative the last week:
  • Trump Fires Campaign Manager
  • Trump Vows He Will Go it Alone if Necessary
  • Trump Campaign Makes Urgent Plea for Funds
Donald Trump has no campaign to speak of. This week highlighted the lack of organization, money, continued dissent in the party, and little awareness of the difference between talking to his base and winning a general election with 130,000,000 million voters.

The polls continue to reinforce his slippage. Although the presidential race is one of states and electoral votes, most recently Trump has been campaigning in California, which he can’t win, and Texas, which he can’t lose (we think). Clinton is totally focused in the projected swing states.

1 comment:

Dave Barnes said...

Well, you could argue the Drumpf™ went to CA and TX to raise money for his campaign.
Except for the pesky fact that he refuses to be a beggar because he is The Winningest.