Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Cherry Creek West First Design Released

East West Partners, a longtime Colorado developer whose projects include Denver’s Riverfront Park and the redevelopment of the Union Station neighborhood in Lower Downtown, announced in November it is launching ‘a transformative redevelopment’ of the western end of the Cherry Creek Mall. The space currently has an empty big box, Bed Bath & Beyond, the popular Elway’s and parking lots.

The Buell Foundation and Taubman Realty Group, the owners of the land and the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, are key collaborators and will be involved in the planning. Helping lead the Buell board are civic activists Art Bosworth (vice chair) and Maggie Morrissey.

The 13-acre mixed use development includes housing, offices, and green open space with an amphitheater connecting Cherry Creek North retail area and the shopping center to the creek. The project’s value is $1 billion.

East West Partners just released their first proposed design for the space. Next, they will facilitate extensive discussions with all the stakeholders on the project, including the City of Denver, Cherry Creek North businesses and adjacent neighborhoods.

Developers unveiled an expansive project on the west side
of the Cherry Creek Mall | BusinessDen via public records

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